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Asbestos Testing: Wollongong, Sydney and Surrounds

D & N provides asbestos testing for properties in Wollongong, Sydney and surrounding areas. We offer the two asbestos testing methods commonly performed in the industry; visual inspection (presumptive testing) and lab sample testing. Here we look at the benefits, as well as the drawbacks, of each process. This will help you make an informed choice for your property.
Presumptive asbestos testing - safe and affordable peace of mind


This is called a presumptive survey because it presumes asbestos is present by a visual inspection. This is the most cost effective method of testing because there are no sampling costs. Additionally, presumptive testing doesn’t cause damage to the asbestos containing material. Therefore, home owners doing renovations more commonly choose the presumptive testing option.
Sample testing for asbestos, for the most reliable and definite result


This is a process that consists of taking a small sample of your suspected asbestos containing material, or ACM, then testing it in a NATA Accredited laboratory. This information is then documented in an asbestos register, along with the type of asbestos found (if any).

In general, we find that most homeowners prefer to employ presumptive testing, because it is typically faster and more cost-effective. This is especially true for properties which are likely (built before 1990) or very likely (built before 1987) to contain asbestos materials – categories which still include the majority of Australian houses.

Do you need a little help deciding which method will be the most efficient choice for your property? Then keep reading for a detailed description of each testing method. We’ll compare the advantages and disadvantages of the two methods, so you can make the most informed choice.

Remember: As a property owner, asbestos exposure is your responsibility. Releasing asbestos fibres in your building endangers everybody in the area, not just your own family or tenants. With harsh penalties for unsafe handling, employing a licensed contractor is the only safe way to handle asbestos removal – legally, ethically and financially!

Presumptive Testing

Safe and affordable peace of mind

Presumptive testing involves a visual survey of the site by trained inspectors. The goal is to identify suspicious materials based on the age, location, construction materials, and other properties of your building. Then, we document any materials believed to contain asbestos, and advise you on how to proceed with this information.

Homeowners often prefer this test because it requires no sampling or testing costs, and is a quick and painless process. Another benefit is that we can perform presumptive inspections on properties where you aren’t able to take a sample—for example, a house you’re interested in purchasing.

This test is “presumptive” because suspicious substances are all presumed to be asbestos-containing materials. Without sample testing, this is the only way to be asbestos-safe. That is why it’s important to have presumptive testing done by a licensed professional: to minimise the chance of false positives, and get the best possible results for your money.

A presumptive asbestos inspection is typically more cost-effective for properties with a higher chance of asbestos content. If the test is positive, then you have saved the cost and time of lab analysis, and can proceed straight to the asbestos removal stage. However, if you must have precise results, you will need sample testing instead.


  • No sampling/testing cost
  • No waiting for results
  • Test is non-damaging (does not risk releasing fibres)
  • Suitable for pre-purchase asbestos checks

Best Choice If:

  • Your property is in a high-risk category
  • You already suspect that removal will be necessary
  • You just want to start work ASAP

Sample Testing

Definitive results for 100% confidence

Sample testing involves removing a small sample of suspicious material, then testing the sample in a NATA-Accredited laboratory. The process involves detailed lab analysis, so it can deliver a definitive answer as to the presence of asbestos. Because of the resources involved, this test is more costly than a presumptive test. However, it is the only solution that offers precise results.

Because taking the sample involves damaging material that may contain asbestos, it is dangerous if handled incorrectly. You may contaminate the area by releasing asbestos fibres during the sampling process. This is why it’s important to have a licensed contractor like D&N collect the sample, which we then deliver to a proven NATA-accredited lab.

Asbestos sample testing is more cost-effective in cases where you expect that the sample will test negative. This is because, if the test is negative, you have saved the cost of asbestos removal. However, if you already expect that your home contains asbestos, presumptive testing is probably a more affordable way to confirm your suspicions.


  • The only way to get definitive results

Best Choice If:

  • Your property is in a low-risk category, or should not contain asbestos at all
  • You have good reason to expect that removal will not be necessary
  • You need to be 100% certain before you make a decision

Professional asbestos testing for results you can trust

Whichever method you choose, D&N Asbestos & Demolition is there to perform your test with qualified expertise. We will make sure you get the most accurate result possible, and will be happy to provide advice and guidance on how to proceed after learning the results of your test.

Since safety and professionalism are critical in asbestos testing, you will be gad to know that D&N is a direct contractor to Spotless, who have been trusted by the LAHC of NSW for over 17 years. Let our shared record be your confidence when you entrust your asbestos testing job to us.

So for peace of mind and confidence to proceed, call D & N Asbestos & Demolition for safe, reliable licensed asbestos testing in Sydney, Wollongong and surrounding areas today!

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