Asbestos RemovalAsbestos removal is a complex process that should only be undertaken by qualified companies only.

Asbestos Removal: Safe, Licensed Commercial and Domestic - Sydney and Wollongong

Safe asbestos removal can be a daunting process for home and business owners. Fortunately, D & N Asbestos Removal & Demolitions are here to make the process as painless, risk-free and affordable as possible. We are experts in:

  • Assessing risk and testing for the presence of asbestos
  • Creating and managing all necessary plans/documentation
  • Performing on-site asbestos demolitions and removal

Based in Wollongong, D&N provide Class-B licensed asbestos removal services all across the Illawarra, Sydney, Central Coast and South Coast areas. From minor renovations to complete building demolitions, we are the licensed professionals you need to ensure safe, legal and efficient asbestos removal.

STOP and think before trying to handle asbestos removal yourself!

Safe Asbestos Removal, End to End

D&N Asbestos Removal are experts in handling the demolition, containment and removal of asbestos-containing materials. We’ll be there for every stage of the process—from inspection and planning to on-site handling and cleanup. Our process includes:

  • On-site visit to assess the work and determine risk levels
  • Creating a detailed Asbestos Removal Plan, Safe Work Method Statement and Asbestos Control Plan conforming to asbestos removal legislation
  • Submission of plans to appropriate authorities including Safe Work NSW
  • Notifying appropriate authorities of intended works, as well as surrounding properties
  • Managing all relevant documentation before and during work
  • Performing on-site asbestos removal and cleanup

D & N are 100% committed to planning thoroughly and minimising risk. So if you want to ensure that your renovation or demolition project is carried out to the highest possible safety standards, contact D & N Asbestos Removal today!

When to Call D&N Asbestos Removal

Even if your home or building includes asbestos-containing materials (ACMs), you aren’t automatically at risk. In fact, where ACMs are in good condition (undamaged and free of noticeable wear), it’s usually safer to leave them undisturbed. This allows the asbestos fibres to stay safely bonded within the material, rather than being dispersed into the air.

Asbestos-containing materials become dangerous when something damages them and causes the asbestos fibres to come loose. Most often, this happens when:

  • A property containing ACMs is damaged by an accident or severe weather
  • The owner performs renovations or repairs on materials which contain asbestos
  • A property containing ACMs is demolished
Accidental damage can be a source of asbestos exposure

Unintentional Damages

Severe weather and accidental impact are common causes of unintentional damage to asbestos-containing materials. Natural disasters are one likely cause, but less dramatic events may also pose a risk. For example, a piece of shed roofing comes loose during a storm, or an outdoor toy finds its way through an indoor wall.

In the case of major emergencies, such as bushfire or cyclone, state disaster relief is likely to cover asbestos removal. For more minor events, you may need to engage a licensed asbestos removal specialist. Fortunately, D & N Asbestos Removal & Demolitions have the expertise to deal with any asbestos removal job, large or small.

DIY Renovations & Repairs

DIY renovations are a popular, affordable way to beautify your home. However, if you damage asbestos-containing materials in the process, you create a very dangerous situation! Only a licensed asbestos removal person can safely contain and dispose of ACMs without significant risk to everybody who spends time in or near your property.

How big a problem is asbestos exposure during DIY projects? Asbestos Awareness reports these unfortunate statistics:

  • Over 60% of DIY renovators said home renovations exposed them to asbestos,
  • 53% also reported asbestos exposure for their partner, and
  • 40% reported asbestos exposure for their children!

No matter how special your dream home is, that’s way too high a price! If you are renovating, don’t start work without assessing your asbestos risk, and planning for safe removal. Remember, if your house pre-dates the 1990s it is highly likely to contain asbestos products. If you are in doubt, assuming that asbestos is present is the only way to avoid unnecessary danger. Alternatively, a licensed asbestos removal team can inspection your property and/or schedule a lab sample test.

Even if you aren’t doing major work, remember that DIY repairs can also be a risk. This includes drilling, cutting, sanding, and most other types of work typically done around the house. So if you need to perform any DIY work that may pose an asbestos risk, it’s much safer to call for a licensed asbestos removal professional.

Always determine your asbestos removal needs before you begin renovations
Always determine your asbestos removal needs before you begin renovations
Always determine your asbestos removal needs before you begin renovations
Safe demolitions must always include an asbestos removal plan

Property Demolitions

Needless to say, all demolitions involve extreme damage to building materials. If those materials contain any asbestos, such damage is almost certain to release dangerous fibres into the air. With such a high risk, there are severe penalties for unsafe asbestos handling during demolitions, particularly for commercial parties.

If there is a risk of asbestos exposure, then a licensed asbestos removal expert is essential to a safe and legal demolition process. D & N Asbestos Removal & Demolitions are experts in all aspects of demolitions, including the safe containment and disposal of ACMs. From planning to cleanup, we are certified to make the demolition process as safe as possible. Contact us today to find out more about our asbestos-safe demolition process.

Don’t Take the Risk!

Remember that failing to properly contain asbestos has disastrous consequences. It’s not just yourself and your family, but your whole community you could be putting at risk! Not to mention the severe fines you will be facing if you don’t take the required measures to avoid contamination. As a property owner, it’s your responsibility to ensure that you have any dangerous asbestos in your building safely removed.

Don’t assume that unknown materials are safe.

Don’t try to handle damaged asbestos yourself.

Don’t wait until after the damage is done.

There really is no reason to take the risk. Contact D &amp ;N Asbestos Removal & Demolitions before you start work, and start your project off on the right foot! You can count on us to keep your asbestos removal process safe, legal and hassle-free.

Trusted Asbestos Removal for Your Peace of Mind

If you’re looking for asbestos removal services, you’ll be glad to know that D & N is a direct contractor to Spotless. Since 2002, Spotless have been trusted partners with the NSW LAHC—and in turn, they trust D & N for asbestos removal in the Wollongong/Illawarra area. Rest assured that you can place your trust in our shared record of excellence.

Call the experts! Call D&N Asbestos Removal & Demolitions.


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